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Grounded Theory

What is Grounded Theory?

All research is “grounded” in data, but few studies produce a “grounded theory.” Grounded Theory is an inductive methodology. Although many call Grounded Theory a qualitative method, it is not. It is a general method. It is the systematic generation of theory from systematic research. It is a set of rigorous research procedures leading to the emergence of conceptual categories. These concepts/categories are related to each other as a theoretical explanation of the action(s) that continually resolves the main concern of the participants in a substantive area. Grounded Theory can be used with either qualitative or quantitative data.


Grounded Theory – Core Elements. Part 1

Grounded Theory – Core Elements. Part 2

Grounded Theory – Open Coding Part 1

Grounded Theory – Open Coding Part 2

Grounded Theory – Open Coding Part 3

Grounded Theory – Open Coding Part 4

Grounded Theory – Selective coding

Grounded theory – Axial Coding

Grounded Theory – Line-by-line Coding

Grounded theorists and some critiques of grounded theory


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