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Fundamentals of Qualitative Research Methods

Qualitative Research Methods

Qualitative research is a research method used in many various academic areas, including in the natural sciences and social sciences , and in non-academic areas isuch as business, market research as well in service demonstrations by non-profits.[1]To see more about definitions and applications of research methods see [2]  and also more about differences of quantitative and qualitative methods see [3]

To use the ,method in market research see [4].


Fundamentals of Qualitative Research Methods: What is Qualitative Research (Module 1)

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What is qualitative research?

Module 2: Developing a qualitative research question

Module 3: Major qualitative study design: interviews

Module 4: Major qualitative study design: Focus groups

Module 5: Overview of qualitative data analysis

Module 6: Scientific rigor in qualitative research

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