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How to increase your papers citations?

Did you know that

“Citations to research publications are a quality indicator, important for both the author and the affiliated university. Most researchers are evaluated based upon their publications as well as the numbers of citations their publications receive.”

If you want to increase your citations of your published article:

  • “Choose your title carefully: it is the key to people finding your paper
  • Avoid to select a question type of title
  • Publish your article in an open access journal
  • Choose keywords carefully to make sure your article will be found.
  • Publish a straightforward paper on cutting-edge research or a “hot” topic.
  • Cite your past work when it is relevant to a new manuscript.
  • Use social media. Provide links to your papers on social media





Mendeley and your university profile page.

  • Publish with other authors.
  • Use more references
  • Have a google Scholar profile
  • Contribute to Wikipedia
  • Start blogging
  • Add content to YouTube
  • Publicize yourself – link your latest published article to your email signature
  • Make an online CV Like ORCID or Researcher ID
  • Write a review. Reviews are more likely to be cited than original research papers.
  • Join an editorial board.
  • Make your research easy to find, especially for online searchers
  • Update your institutional or professional website with a link to your article”








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